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Buzzwords, empty platitudes, and sweeping jargon abound on these kinds of pages and usually are only seen and processed by the engines and algorithms of the major search engines. Honestly, who reads this stuff on a company’s website for anything more than the seven seconds it takes to figure out what they actually do or what product they actually sell. We’re upfront about it, we sell ourselves, plain and simple. 

That principle seems basic, at the core it’s what any consulting firm does for their clients: leases out part of their expertise and experience to you for a nominal fee. You buy the time because they have a skill or experience you lack internally but need to complete your objectives and goals. We’re not here to quote Webster’s at you or spout the first two paragraphs of the Wikipedia entry on Consulting to you, though, and we’re definitely not here to type some lofty corporate history.

JMFJ, Ltd. is the collaboration of two experienced entrepreneurs and technology executives who have experienced the process of growing a business from inception through to acquisition. We have a long history of building businesses, a slate of brands we’ve built and matured before divesting which gives us the experience needed to assist you with your own journey through the stages of the business lifecycle. Our past achievements include:

Hawk Computer Services

Founded in 1997 while in middle school, HCS grew to $17.5 Million in revenue by year two and maintained a net profit near 12%, unheard of for hardware manufacturers at the time. Sold to Thumbtack Computers in 1999 for 5x EBITDA.


Born from the professional services of HCS, JMDN.net provided technology integration services for small and medium businesses in the suburbs of Chicago. As the PC became more prevalent in business, JMDN helped customers utilize technology to automate and improve their processes. Grew to $8.9 Million in revenue in year two and sold to TG and Associates, LLP in 2003 for 4x EBITDA.

Nabu Group

IP licensing company to hold the patent credited to our Chairman, provided license income for patent application by third-parties in electronic learning and education systems. Spawned The Nabu Foundation to reinvest revenue from the patent to educational charities in the US and abroad. Sold remaining interest in full to Blackboard.com in 2012 for an undisclosed sum.

Executive Team

Joe Johnson

Chairman and CEO

Joe started his first company 20 years ago and brings a great deal of technology and business experience to the table. He began his career building desktop PCs and as the market shifted toward a commodity pricing model his business shifted toward providing quality technology outsourcing services for  small and medium businesses.

After a successful run in management and technology consulting for financial services, manufacturing, and legal clients, he launched JMFJ, Ltd. to provide his services direct to other entrepreneurs. Today Joe runs three successful podcasts, provides coaching and consulting to early-stage ventures, and assists new business owners with building their brand and vision.





Tianhui Dai

Director and CFO

An immigrant from China, Tianhui Dai came to America in 2013 to pursue his Masters of Science in Finance at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois. In 2015 he graduated with his Masters and began a career in data science and analysis working for Joe in his role in a prior consulting firm. Cookie provided vital insight into the businesses of his customers and the kind of data mining a modern venture needs to succeed in the world.

Today he works on big data and IoT projects for clients of JMFJ, Ltd. and steps in as a data scientist when our clients need that inside edge to review and analyze their models. His second Masters of Science in Computer Science gave Cookie the inside edge you need to grow your venture logically and to access the business data you generate and often overlook.





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